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2008年10月  慶応義塾ニューヨーク学院 男子ラクロス部創部
2011年4月   慶應義塾体育会ラクロス部(男子)入部
2014年6月   日本代表・W杯出場(デンバー・米国)
2015年6月   FOGOJAPAN創設
2018年6月   日本代表・W杯出場(ネタニヤ・イスラエル)

The world closer with lacrosse.

“Anyone can become great.” In 2015, FOGOJAPAN came to life as a coaching organization from these words. We ask ourselves what can we do to help grow lacrosse? Now global, we now cater to not only Japanese players, but to players of the World.

Lacrosse is a sport that is still growing and not losing its pace. It is gathering attention from all over the world. In an exciting time like this, we wish to create an environment in the future where future stars can aim for the top.

“Its a small world afterall.” These words can be never more real. I would have never been so connected without the sport. The world closer with lacrosse.

President, FOGOJAPAN
Chris Jinno

Personal History

2008 August – Started the Keio Academy of New York Boy’s Lacrosse Team (White Plains, New York)
2011 June – Joined the Keio University Varsity Men’s Lacrosse Team (Tokyo, Japan)
2014 June – Member of the Japanese National Team for the World Lacrosse Championships 2014 (Denver, USA)
2015 June – Started FOGOJAPAN
2018 June – Member of the Japanese National Team for the World Lacorsse Championships 2018 (Netanya, Israel)