(※日本語 Below)

FOGOJAPAN is a part travel-team, part coaching organization founded by Chris Jinno in 2015.


The first clinic hosted by FOGOjapan in 2015. Over 100 athletes participated.

The faceoff position must be improved in Japan and Asia.

The original idea started when Chris decided to put effort in developing young faceoff athletes with the proper instructions in not only all parts of Japan but all over the Asia region. Chris believes the faceoff position must be improved to fulfill not only individual and team goals, but to add an edge to advance Japan and neighboring Asian countries in world competitions. FOGOJAPAN currently conducts monthly clinics country wide. We have also partnered and invited coaching groups such as FOGOLAX Academy, Faceoff Factory, and the Faceoff Academy to conduct clinics here as well. Likewise, FOGOJAPAN has traveled to Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taiwan, Singapore, and Thailand to teach aspiring faceoff athletes in those regions.

Lacrosse does not have a future without a strong Asia.

Lacrosse has never been so global. With now more than 50 affiliated countries, we are stepping closer and closer in becoming a major world sport. Yet, Asian involvement continues to stay relatively low on global rankings as we peak on local involvement from each country which is currently only sustained by expat involvement. FOGOJAPAN dedicates in growing the sport by compiling travel teams to compete with our neighboring countries. Alongside our longtime friends from all over the world, we are proud to continue to recruit premium Japanese bred players to the Asian stage, and bring competitiveness to our Asian friends.


FOGOJAPAN and SHANGHAI after a very close game in Phuket (2017)